• A90 Atlantic Bonnet Badge

    This is a rare badge!! It is from the the bonnet on an AUSTIN A90 ATLANTIC.

    The badge is 35mm wide x 76mm high. It is chromed metal with enamel face.

    The chrome is in pretty good condition with some slight pitting. It is not peeling or flaking and is still bright and shiny.

    The enamel face is in very good condition, being almost unmarked.

    There are 2 fixing studs threaded into the back of the badge.

    This really is a beautiful and desirable badge!

    sold: February 2009, £40,89 (ca. EUR 46,87)


    A second one was sold 19 April 2009 for £4,99 (ca. EUR 5,63)

  • Austin A90 Atlantic Hub Cap

    four A90 Atlantic Hub Cap

    Price 5. April 2009 = 74,99 GBP (ca. 82,70 EUR)


    These Hub Caps are 278 mm in diameter (for A90 Atlantic Sports Saloon, A70 Hereford and A40 sports)

    Note: the inner diameter of an A90 Atlantic Convertible (A40 Devon and A70 Hampshire) Hub Cap must be round 250 mm.


    (many thanks to Ron Short for clarification of the Hub Cap diameters)

  • A90 Atlantic Trico wiper

    P2-9 means 9" long. The adapter is for an curved wiper arm.

    sold: February 2009, between 11 and 20 GBP